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Atto Mobility and Travel Scooter

For the best travel experience you can’t go past the Atto and Atto Sport portable scooters by Moving Life. They consist of two lightweight  parts , are compact and easily converted into a full size scooter with high ground clearance to help you   navigate difficult  terrain. Perfect for airline , train , bus or car transport and can be customised with a host of accessories .

C- Scout and C- Quest

Carbon Fibre Folding Mobility Vehicles

For those seeking a conventional approach to personal mobility, the C-Scout and the C-Quest are the ideal 4 wheel  travel companions that are lightweight and portable but with the strength of carbon fibre construction .

Vulcan Electric Wheelchair Lift

The portable wheelchair lift for car; it is a fantastic aid that is designed for assisting a person to put their lightweight wheelchair into the boot of an SUV or hatchback.

IndeeLift- Falls Recovery System

The “People Picker Upper” standing model (PPU-S) safely lifts a fallen person from the floor, eliminating the need for a call to emergency services while transforming a stressful fall into a non-event.

Rollators by Rollz

Rollz walkers come in many different models for all purposes and clients . The Flex offers a large front bag for shopping but is easily manoeuvrable , while the Rollz Motion allows the user to effortlessly convert it to a full size wheelchair and  comes in  in three models and two sizes . The Rhythm version is designed specially for Parkinsons patients .

Carbon Ultralight Walkers

The Carbon Ultralight walkers are the lightest folding ,seat walkers in the world and you can choose from a host   of  accessories for a personal touch .

ByAcre Scandanavian Butler

Designed to get close to your furniture, counter tops and appliances in your home

UpLivin Trive Walker

The Trive 1 Step Double Folding Rollator offers portability without compromising on style. This double-folding rollator is easy to carry and can be stored in small spaces. Sophisticated yet affordable, the Trive is a mobility aid you can be proud to own.


The rollator that encourages upright posture by supporting the torso in the optimum centre of gravity position with the added advantage of a weight alleviating seat making it possible for individuals with mobility impairments to walk unaided and carry out daily tasks with ease.

Powered Toilet Seat Raisers

Ergonomically designed, slowly lifts and drops down, relieve 80% of the pressure on the user’s knees, so that the user can get up and sit down independently without assistance

EasyUP smart Seat Raiser

Ergonomically designed, slowly lifts and drops down, it helps people get up and sit down freely on a sofa or chair, relieve 80% of the pressure on the user’s knees

The Active anti rollback wheelchair brake

The Active Anti Roll Back wheelchair brake system that every wheelchair user needs giving total independence and freedom .

The Head Mouse system

The revolutionary Head Mouse and switch interfaces changing lives for those with impaired motor function

Autochair Vehicle Hoists

For those who find it difficult to lift their mobility aid into a vehicle , there are a range of remote controlled hoists that can be fitted into the rear of hatchbacks and SUV vehicles to make this task effortless. Both up/down and in/out functions are controlled by a remote making travelling and excursions a welcome activity. Enquire how you can benefit from having a purpose fitted hoist allowing you more quality time and freedom to enjoy the outdoors.

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