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Atto was built from over 200 uniquely designed parts, implementing multiple disciplines and best of breed technologies. What makes this product so special and attractive is the fact that each of its parts and mechanisms, visible or hidden, was designed to provide functionality that never existed in other products. This kind of approach is only possible to implement when a company sets the highest standards as its goal.


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ATTO gives you as much confidence as it does convenience, freedom, and safety. This exceptional mobility scooter boasts a contemporary, “high-tech” design that you can be proud of as you move about independently.
The industry’s most stylish foldable mobility scooter is also the smartest and safest solution for anyone with limited mobility. ATTO empowers you to move and travel independently, while giving you the confidence that comes with a great-looking essential vehicle.

Split Mode:
allows easy lifting for placing ATTO in a car trunk or an airplane’s overhead compartment.

Be independent

Moving Life ATTO’s ability to be the perfect travel companion


Easy to fold into trolley and easy to unfold
Ergonomic design with ample legroom and armrests
Lithium flight-approved battery and charger
Rich information LCD display
Adjustable seat with 3 different heights
Easily adjust height and angle of tiller
Lightweight aluminium chassis
Brushless DC motor enhances durability and power
On/ off button
6 km/h travel speed (speed can be switched while driving)
3 Wheels enable 52-degree radius
Onboard USB charging port (support 1 ampere output)
Splits into 2 lightweight segments for easy carrying, compact storage
Trolley mode makes it convenient to walk with and steer when folded
Warning sound alert (horn)
One-click shift from forward to reverse
Automatic reverse travel alert sound
Left hand compatible
Easy access to battery when folded
Extra storage room under seat
FDA, CE, EN 12184, ISO 7176 certified
12cm ground clearance in various terrains
Free wheel (neutral mode) enables wheeling when battery is empty


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