PU Brake

An active wheelchair brake that automatically brakes the wheelchair and prevents it from unwanted moving



  • Active wheelchair brake for Polyurethane (PU) tires
  • Automatically brakes the wheelchair and prevents it from unwanted moving
  • For regular daily use in dry conditions
  • Not recommended to use on wet surfaces
  • Replaces the standard brake
  • Aluminum brake lining

DEZZIV Wheelchair Brake PU is an active wheelchair brake designed for PU tires, intended for daily normal use and normal dry conditions. It is intended exclusively for use together with PU (Polyurethane) wheelchairs tires.
The main elements of the brake are made of Aluminum and Inox. The brake lining is made of Aluminum, thus guaranteeing the long life of the brake wheel. The brake is mounted on a wheelchair using a standard 19 mm clamp.
22 mm, 25 mm or 30 mm clamp sets can be purchased separately.


The warranty on all our brakes is 2 years. The brake pad warranty does not apply as it is a consumable material.

If the brake wheel on Classic model gets used, you can buy a new brake wheel from us as a spare part.



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