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Super light and super strong
Has the added downhill support of adjustable drag brakes
Weighs only 5.4kg yet carries up to 150kg
Terrific handle height – up to 103cm
Ability to convert braking system to one handle, ideal from those with limited dexterity
Foldable and height adjustable
Visibility in the dark with quality reflectors
Comes with Cane Holder attached
No assembly required




The German made Saljol Carbon Rollators are strong, made from carbon fibre and weighing in at 5.6kg. Safety is high on Saljol’s priority list, with a reputation of quality and strength.

• Premium materials. Very stable and super strong.
• Lightweight at 5.4kgs (without bag)
• Comes with adjustable ‘drag brakes’ installed on the rear wheels, for added control when going downhill.
• Scissor folding design for easy storage.
• Comfortable inbuilt seat.
• Comes with over 30 reflectors so it goes well in the dark or poor visibility.
• Has the ability to make this a one-handed brake rollator, ideal for anyone that might have an issue squeezing a brake with one of their hands (additional brake cable must be be purchased in addition for this conversion).
• Carries a max-user-weight of 150kgs, which is high for a lighter weight walker.
• Quality wheels made of PU rubber. Includes internal foam for excellent shock absorption and a smoother ride.
• Comes with a cane holder attached and the weather-proof bag with magnetic lid, which is designed to fold with the walker (no need to remove it).
• A back rest and travel bag can be purchased as an accessory.



• Rollator weight: 5.6kg
• Maximum weight capacity: 150kg
• Maximum load of bag: 5kg
• Seat height: 62cm (regular)
• Handle height range: 81 – 103cm (regular)
• Seat width: 45cm
• Overall width: 61cm
• Width folded: 21cm
• Wheels diameter: 200mm


• Frame: carbon fibre
• Handgrip: TPE with 20-30% cork
• Brake handle: PA6 GF30
• Brake pads: PA6 GF15
• Seat: 100% polyester
• Wheel Rim: PP GF15
• Wheel Tyre: PU


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